Remembering 2020 - April - June

Hello everyone!! In today's post I'll be sharing our 2020 memories for April - June. Theses were some very busy months for us. 

April was full of packing and getting our house ready to get on the market. We spent a lot of time outside as well. The weather was getting warmer and we all needed the fresh air! Easter was very different compared to past years. We didn't go see grandparents, we didn't go to church. We still got dressed up and watched church on the TV. We did a little egg hunt for the kiddos and we colored eggs. 

Brooklyn's birthday was at the end of April. Just like with Bella's birthday we weren't able to have a party. Brooklyn was very bummed as it would have been her first year to have a party where she could invite school friends. But we still made it as special as we could. We had a mini party at home. We also ordered out to her favorite restaurant. 

Brooklyn's birthday brought us a lot of luck! We listed out house and sold it for full asking price in less than a day!! We had a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate that day. 

May was super busy too! After accepting the offer on our house we had to finish all the rest of our packing and getting everything ready for the final closing and moving into the new house. 

I was still working from home and the kids were still doing school virtually. We were able to still get a lot of fresh air. We got the blow up pool out and also planted the garden at my parents lot at Lake Panorama. 

May was not Brooklyn's month. She fell out of a wagon while playing with her sister and a friend and ended up breaking her clavicle. I felt terrible. She is a very dramatic child and I didn't take her seriously but the next morning we decided to take her into the doctor. She had to get an x-ray and wear a sling for few weeks. 

June was the best month for us in 2020!! It was moving month!! We moved into our forever home and could not have been happier. It was a ton of work but 100% worth all that hard work. There are horses that come up to our back fence and the kids love it. We are in a perfect location. Just far enough out that it feels like the country but close enough that we get all the benefits of being close to the city. I'll do a whole post just on the new house here soon and share some before and afters and some updates we've done. I was more emotional about moving than I thought I would have been. I had wanted to move for a very long time but our old house was the house that all our babies were born in and the only house they knew. I was pregnant with Bella when we bought that house. 

In June, we spent a lot of time outside. The kids love having lunch and dinner on the deck and swimming in the back yard. They had a lot of fun getting their bedrooms set up and making them their own. Jason and the guys also tested out some fireworks in preparation for the 4th of July.  

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