Remembering 2020 - January - March

Hi everyone!!! In this post I mainly wanted to share how 2020 went for us. I'll be sharing everything from January to March. I figured it would be easier to share 4 total posts for 2020 instead of one large one. Especially because I want to include pictures. 

Kicking off 2020 wasn't that great. I did the normal cleaning, decluttering and organizing after Christmas but we got hit with the flu. The kids all ended up getting meds but only Bella and Brooklyn actually had the flu. I also got sick and thought I had the flu but I tested negative. I felt like crap for a good four days. Looking back, I'm not sure if I had Covid or what but it was not fun! On a positive note, at the end of January, we were all feeling better! We went to a play at the children's theater and the girls started going to Girl Scouts and they had a blast!

February was much better than January. The kids got to put together some Valentine's Day  goodie bags for school and daycare. We also did a few Valentine's Day crafts and made some Valentine snacks. We also went to another play at the children's theater. One of the most exciting things from February was we went and looked at our dream house for the first time! It feels like years ago already. Our house feels like we've always lived there and it hasn't even been a year yet. 

March had us busy with the buying and selling process. We had to get all the paperwork for the banks and all our pre-approval before making an offer. It was a lot of work but totally worth it! We also started getting our house ready to put on the market. Since we weren't really looking to move so soon, we had a lot of things to do before selling our house. We did a lot of painting, cleaning, decluttering and moving things to the storage unit. 

In March the girls also started softball but that didn't last long because of covid. We only got two practices in. The kids never went back to school after spring break. They were so sad and I felt so bad for them. They were changing schools and never got to say bye to all their teachers and friends. 

I also started working from home 100% in March. I personally love working from home but it was a huge adjustment with having the kids home as well. But we made it work and the kids honestly did an amazing job. 

Barrett started potty training and picked up on it so fast because he was so ready. I was worried about potty training a boy but it could not have gone smoother. 

Bella's birthday was at the end of March and we did our best to make it fun! We had to cancel her birthday party but we still had fun. 

That's a wrap for the first 3 months of 2020. I'm really excited to get back into blogging and sharing with you guys. 

Until next time!


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