Trick or Treating 2017

I want to start off by saying, I really hope my kids still want to dress up for Halloween in group/matching costumes as long as possible! I loved the Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! theme. 

My work puts on a trick or treating event for the kids every year and the kids always look forward to going. Bella was getting too hot in her lion headband so she took it off. 

We also painted pumpkins at my parents pumpkin party the weekend before Halloween. 

I would highly suggest painting pumpkins over carving pumpkins if you have younger kids. The kids love it just as much. Mine actually enjoy it more. 

Barrett was not into painting. He was just tired and took a nap on Aunt Penny. 

Bella ended up carving a pumpkin though. She picked out her pattern and pretty did all of it herself. I only had to help her a couple times. 

Then it was FINALLY time to go trick or treating. We usually just go up and down my parents street. It's the same street that I grew up going trick or treating on. It makes it easier when the kids know the people that they are going to. We lucked out with weather as well. I remember trick or treating with snow on the ground as a kid. 

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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