October 2017 Recap

Well October is over... and that makes me sad. October is one of my favorite months. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love fall. We had a lot of fun this month. I have other posts for the Pumpkin Express and Trick or Treating. 

We had a few days where it rained a lot and Bella thought he was so big carrying an umbrella. I'll admit she does look so much older carrying one around. 

Oh Miss Brooklyn... She's my crazy wild child. She tests me more than I ever thought possible. If we both survive her childhood, she's going to be a CEO one day. Or at least I keep telling myself that. 

Mister Barrett is growing like crazy too. He had so much fun playing outside. 

He's starting to eat a little better too. And was happy I got some of his birthday presents out. We typically don't get them all out at once. We slowly open them up for them to play with so it's a little less overwhelming and chaotic. 

We picked pumpkins from my parents garden and Barrett had so much fun!!

One of my favorite places to decorate in the house, is the fire place. 

I love this dress on Bella. She wasn't too thrilled I had to take her picture haha. 

But she also had a lot of fun at her fall parties at school. 
They had face painting and she's the cutest little apple. 

One of their units was on butterflies and how they grow. They made some fun butterfly wings and Bella had to run down the street with them like she was an actual butterfly. 

The leaves on the tree outside our house so so beautiful. The girls cousins came to visit too. Of course that meant they had to have pop corn and m&m's. 

The girls had a of fun playing in the leaves and ribbon dancing. 

We went out to dinner for Aunt Penny's birthday and the girls were really happy to share desert. 

Barrett had a check up and we went to Target after. Bella tagged along with us. Brooklyn stayed back with Daddy. Bella was so silly in Target. We also stopped by Michael's to pick up a few things. 

We also took family pictured with Jason's mom and sister's families. It was really windy out but we still got the pictures done. 

Barrett was not too happy about being the only boy in the sea of girls. HAHA

I love this picture of the girls. We tried to get one of all 3 kids but Barrett was pretty grumpy. 

We did get one of all the cousins though. Seven grandkids and only one boy in the whole bunch. 

I love these smiles!!

I hope you all had a great month. 

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