Barrett's 1st Birthday

You guys!! How is Barrett a year old already??!! This past year has just flown by! It's been one of the hardest years yet as a mom and adjusting to life with 3 kids but Barrett has been an amazing little guy and made being a mom of 3 so much easier than I could have ever hoped for!
Here's a picture comparison from his new born pictures to now. 

We celebrated Barrett's birthday with a fish theme party because he's Oh-FISH-ally ONE!

Here's the onesie I made him. 

All the groceries for the party!!

The weather was perfect for his party. We typically just have the birthday parties at our house and when it's really nice out we put everything up outside since there's more space. We limit the guest list to just family and a few close friends. But we love having big get together's and spending time with our families. And of course the kids love spending time with their cousins. 

I made the girls fish themed shirts. Bella's says "REEL girls fish"

Brooklyn's says "Here fishy fishy"

Here's Barrett and Nana waiting for everyone to show up. 

I didn't get too many pictures of the decor but here's the birthday banner. I put a fishing net behind it and clipped pictures to it from Barrett's first year. 

We had so much food!!!

I love how Barrett's cupcakes turned out. These were so easy to make. I just added the blue coloring to cream cheese frosting, added a pretzel, a gold fish and used decoration white frosting for the line on the fishing poles. 

Barrett had so much fun opening his presents from everyone. He was so spoiled. He's the first boy grandson on both sides so you can imagine how everyone was so excited to get boy stuff. 

Now it's time for CAKE!!

Barrett was not a fan HAHA

He ended up kind of liking it. 

Our friends little girl is only a few months younger than Barrett.

 These two had so much fun playing together. 

On Barrett's actual birthday the girls were all smiles...

But Barrett wasn't having it... HAHA

I tried to get a picture of all 3 but this was as good as it was going to get. 

Well that's a wrap from Barrett's party. We had so much celebrating our little man!! I still can't believe he's one already. 

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