Minnesota Trip 2017

Well we had an amazing trip in Minnesota. It was a blast. But before leaving, life was pretty crazy! Packing for a week for a family of 5 is hectic to say the least. I made so many lists! Every person had a list and then I had lists for the car ride, the beach, the boat and the cabin in general. I didn't want to forget anything. I'm that person, that over packs EVERY SINGLE TIME. My my anxiety stays at bay when I know I'm prepared for anything these kiddos might throw my way. 

I got these buckets and cups at the Dollar Tree and just added the kids names to them. I also picked up some measuring cups and funnels for the kids to use in the sand. 

I thought it would be a good idea to string pencils to the notebook so they don't go missing in the car. This was a terrible idea and did not work out... HAHA.But I tried.

First stop was to fill up on gas!! The sun had just come up when we left and you can tell we all still look sleepy. If we are leaving really early in the morning for a trip, I just keep the kids in their pajamas and pack clothes to change into at a rest stop later. That way they are comfy in the car and are more likely to fall back asleep .

Headphones are a life saver in the car! I do not mind one bit letting the kids play on their tablets but I don't want to listen to 2 tablets and the radio. So honestly the head phone are more for my sake LOL.

The scenery was so beautiful on the way there. 
We saw the sun rise and great Iowa landscapes.

We went to a new resort this year. It's called Geiger's Trails End.
After unloading all the trucks, we made our first stop to the lodge and the beach. 

The girls were so excited finally be at the lake after a 10 hour car ride. 

We spent a lot of time on the boat. I think this picture of Brooklyn is so funny and will totally be using it at her high school graduation hahaha

Bella went fishing with Papa (my dad) and helped catch all these fish! She was so proud of herself!

We also spent a TON of time at the beach!

We had to take a little break and go in the lodge. 
Brooklyn wanted to watch Frozen and Bella found a book. 

There were so many snails on the beach!! It was insane.

The girls had so much fun on all the rafts and going tubing with Aunt Ashley.

One of the kids favorite parts was the Fairy Garden. The owners have built a huge fairy garden and it's amazing!! There were so many wonders to find.

Here's some random pictures from the week just around the cabin. 

Barrett didn't want to play with the toys we brought him, he just wanted to play with a chew can and a metal can cooler. hahaha

Barrett was starting to walk around. Not officially walking but he was trying really hard!

We had at least one day that was rainy and we spent some extra time in the cabin. We played cards mostly and found ways to entertain the kids and keep them busy. 

One way we kept them busy was make up. HAHA. My sister brought a bunch of her make up and the girls had a blast getting their make up done. 

It was kind of nice having a rainy day. It allowed us to relax a little out of the sun. 

Barrett loved waking up to the sounds of nature right out side our cabin. 

The scenery was beautiful and peaceful. Waking up and having coffee right out side the cabin was one of my favorite parts. 

One other thing that was really nice, was the playground in the middle of all the cabins. It was centrally located between a majority of the cabins and you could watch the kids play while still being right next to your cabin or even inside. 

Having dinner outside at the table was also fun. It was nice to have more open space when we have so many people and the kids can still run around in the fresh air. 

Barrett was 100% living his best life in Minnesota. He was so happy the whole time!!

We also caught enough fish to have a few fish fries. 

It was clearly a hit with the girls. 

and can we take a minute to laugh at Brooklyn's facial expressions. HAHAHA. 

Brooklyn thought the caterpillar on Papa's arm was so interesting. 
They sat and talked about him for a long time. 

We also had a fire every night. It was so relaxing!

The week went by so fast but it was time to get back to reality. 

Here's a picture of some of the fish we caught with the resort sign. 

One thing I will said that wasn't so fun was Bella getting swimmers itch. I didn't even know it was a thing and my grandparents used to live in Minnesota and we'd go there every summer and swim all day long. Apparently it's due to the snails in the water. But next year we will be more prepared for it with itch cream as well as making sure we rinse off really well after getting out of the water and not air drying. Poor Bella had it all over her legs. 

The kids were so exhausted and fell asleep within about 15 minutes of leave the lake. It was a long ride home but once we got home, we were glad to be there and to get back into our normal routine. 

Thanks for stopping by. I know this was a long one and full of pictures but I love capturing these moments. I'm sure we will be going to Minnesota for many more years to come!

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