June 2017 Recap

Well June came and went. We had a pretty fun June! Lots of amazing weather to enjoy. We had my aunt's retirement party, watched our nieces play softball, went to a winery and played outside a lot. 

My aunt was a teacher and we celebrated her retirement at a park close to where she lives. It was a beautiful day to welcome her to the next chapter in her life. She's one of those people that leaves an impression on your life even if you only met her once. And she's my aunt so you can imagine the impression she's left on me. She's been through a lot but has pushed through by keeping her faith strong and trusting the Lord. She's such an inspiration! 

The party was about 2 hours away. Bella fell asleep and Barrett was playing with her hair ties. He was just having fun and she slept through it all. 

The kids all had fun playing! My cousin has 2 little ones close to Brooklyn and Barrett's age. Easton is 4 months older than Brooklyn and Kimber is 4 weeks younger than Barrett. 

We got a picture of all the great grandkids and my grandma and grandpa. This was as good as it was going to get. The kids just wanted to play and run around. Brooklyn clearly wasn't having it. I took over 50 pictures and went back through them all and this was the best one... 

I also got this one of my dad and Barrett. Barrett was leaning into my dad and is tilting his head really far but this picture is so sweet! I love it. 

Here's my mini and I. Miss Bella is growing up so fast...

We went to watch our nieces play in a softball tournament. The weather was nice but it was very hot!

Brooklyn was enjoying that ice cream but the sun was very bright. 

Barrett was glad to be out of the sun and in the shade. We gave him one of the girls' cooling towels and that seemed to help. Bella and her cousin Harper had fun running around and getting the foul balls and throwing them back over to the team. 

After the games we went to a restaurant close by to get out of the heat and enjoy some food.
Jason's aunt and uncle joined us.  

My mom, grandma, Barrett and I went to a winery. 
Barrett isn't walking yet so I had him in the baby carrier for most of the time. 
The weather was perfect and it was nice to spend time with my mom and grandma. 

This is what happens when your mom loves wine HAHA

Here's a few other random photos from this month. 

The kids made these for me for Mother's day and we were able to get them back early in the month. 

The girls had a lot of fun playing with the water table. 

I attempted french braiding the girls hair. I need a lot more practice with the top part. 

I also made my first can cooler! I thought the design was pretty perfect :)

Barrett also enjoyed all the nice weather. 

Bella has been obsessed with doing hair lately. Surprisingly, Brooklyn let her brush her hair. 

The girls painted some flower pots too. 

I also got my hair cut! I really needed it. I don't like to get my hair cut. I honestly probably only cut it like twice a year. I just don't like going and I always miss my long hair. 

Here's a couple of Miss Bella. 

I hope you are all having a great start to summer!! We have a lot of fun things coming up in July. 
The 4th of July is always our family reunion on my dad's side and 
then we are going to Minnesota for a week. Stay tuned! 

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