Harry Potter Birthday Party

Hi everyone!! We had so much fun planning and celebrating the girls birthdays Harry Potter style. Bella turned 5 at the end of March and Brooklyn turned 3 at the end of April. We combined their parties this year and they had so much fun! I think I had more fun than they did with all the planning and decor. 

Here's our family photo from the party. The weather was not the best. It rained all day and was so gloomy, but honestly that was kind of perfect for a Harry Potter theme. It's always raining at Hogwarts it seems like (haha).  

I didn't get too many pictures during the party because we had a ton of family there and I was busy talking to everyone and making sure the party ran smoothly. 

I'm so glad I captured this picture though. Barrett was getting tired and ready for a nap and my Grandma was holding him and giving him a bottle. It was just so sweet. 

The girls had so much fun with their cousins and opening presents. They are so spoiled. 

I loved how this wall turned out. We typically do the parties in the garage since our house is kind of small and it doesn't really fit everyone. So I usually like to put something on the walls to kind of hide all my husbands tools. I actually bought the brick fabric from a friend. She had made it herself and used it for their own Harry Potter party. The Happy Birthday banner I made using my cricut and a lot of the other decor items, I just printed off the internet. Mostly from Pinterest and Google. 

I loved how the girls invites turned out! I also sealed them with wax and an R for our last name. 

I also made shirts for the kids and myself. Jason isn't big on Harry Potter or matching shirts.... hahaha. But he did wear black so we kind of all matched. 

Bella wore the "Swish and flick" and Brooklyn wore the "never hide your crazy". They fit their personalities perfectly. 

I also made some cup cake toppers to look like the house flags. 

And I had to have chocolate frogs. I actually just found a recipe on Pinterest and ordered the frog molds from Amazon. 

And we had the jelly beans...

I also made a lot of different things for the party. Starting with wands. I had never made these before and they were kind of time consuming. I started off by painting them with a brush but found spray painting them was much easier. 

I also spray painted a lot of other things for the party. 

We spray painted hula hoops but with the rain we never used them. 

Here's a few other decor items we had throughout the party and house. 

I hope this gave you some ideas if you are planning a Harry Potter party yourself. 

Thank you for stopping by! The girls really loved their party and so did I. 

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