April 2017 Recap

Well this month was jammed packed!! This post is probably going to be all over the place but ya know... so is life with 3 kids...

The girls were being silly and practicing their "game" face for the tee ball game. 

Bella has been having so much fun playing tee ball. Here's just a few clips from this month. 

Brooklyn was a little busy body!

Barrett and Gigi always end up falling asleep together. My grandma LOVES babies and rocking them to sleep. 

Here's a couple random pictures of Barrett. He feel sleep holding on to his bottle for dear life. And he's also getting so big and 90% of the time has a smile on his face. 

The girls were fully enjoying the nice weather. 

I loved capturing the next few pictures of them actually getting along and playing nice. 

The kids had fun playing outside. 

Just a couple random pictures :)

Bella loved this dress my sister got her from Colombia. 

We also celebrated Easter. I loved these sweet little dresses the girls wore. They have tiny white hearts on them. Barrett also got dressed up and looked so handsome. He also loved playing with my cousin's little girl who is exactly 4 weeks younger. 

These are the Easter baskets for the kids. I ordered them through Thirty-One. I absolutely LOVE them!! They will last us for years to come!

We made homemade pizzas!! This is one of the girls favorite things to make for dinner because they get to help make their pizza. They are so easy to make!

Here's the before:

And the after:

Here's just a couple random pictures:

The girls really loved playing with their art sets. They could color for days. 

The girls got new jammies for their birthdays and they had to do a little modeling session. HAHA

A picture of all 3 kids looking and smiling!! WOW. That never happens. 

The girls also had some fun with the Snapchat filters... they are so silly!

I hope everyone had a great month!! Stay tuned for the next blog post. It will be all about the girls Harry Potter Birthday Party!!

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