February 2017 Recap

Well we had a fun filled February!

Here's a few pictures to recap our month!

In the picture above you can see Bella injured her eye. She was playing on one of the play places inside the mall and she ran into another kid. I took her to the ER that night and she had x-rays done and she fractured her eye socket. We then went to an eye specialist that wanted to monitor and run more tests to make sure there wasn't permeate damage. Luckily her eye healed just fine and there's no damage. The bruise will just take awhile to go away. 

The kids had fun at their Valentine's day parties at school and daycare.

Barrett's personality is really starting to shine. He's so silly!

I made the kids some shirts for Valentine's Day!

We had some gorgeous weather for February here in Iowa! The kids definitely needed some fresh air!

We also went to visit my husband's sister and the cousins all had fun playing around and dressing up. 

Barrett and I also got to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. 

Hope you all had a great February!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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