Decamber 2016 recap

 Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great December!! I'm going to do two posts for December, on for everything but our actual Christmas celebrations and then one just for our family Christmases.

We went to see Willy Wonka at the Des Moines Play House. It was so good!! I would highly recommend going to the Play House if you are close to the Des Moines, IA area. 

We also go some SNOW!! The kids love it when it snows ( And so do I honestly ). My birthday is in December so I've always loved winter. 

Barrett is such a happy baby!! I caught a lot of smiles from him!

The girls had fun playing in boxes. Why do we buy kids toys again?

Bella made her own little desk next to the Christmas tree. She said she was working on her paperwork. HAHA!

The girls were all packed up and ready to head to some family Christmases. 

I feel like our house is a constant mess in December with all our family Christmases going on. We are traveling and have a lot going on so the cleaning slacks a little (or a lot...)

Bella had a fun time doing some crafts.  

We also had a movie night (Probably the Grinch) and the girls were so cute cuddling up together. Barrett couldn't hang and passed out. 

Well that's everything from December other than all the Christmas stuff. Stay tuned for that next!

Thanks for stopping by!

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