September 2016 recap

Hi everyone!! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their September. We've been slowly adjusting to a family of 5! Below are some pictures and moments from our month. It all seems so random to me but it's at least in chronological order and that's what matters right? 😁

(hence the big messes... Having 3 kids has taught me to pick my battles... )

We had some fun Iowa Hawkeye Parties! Introducing Barrett to the Hawkeye life ;)

Everyone loves a good mud bath right? 

These girls sure love their baby brother!!

Aww one of my faves of the 3 kiddos. 

We had another baby in the family! My cousin had her baby girl and that makes the 2nd great grand baby born this year!

(more baby smiles) **sigh**

How is it possible that my baby girl started pre-school this year?? I love watching her grow and learn. She's turning into an amazing person!

So I recently started setting the girls clothes out everyday. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was an awesome idea!! So far it's working great for getting us out the door on time in the mornings. What do you do in your family to make your morning routine go smooth?

Barrett is 1 month old!

I finally got around to making little name signs to go over the girls' beds. I'm loving how they turned out!

Since I am on maternity leave I attempted a behavior type chart. This is mostly for my 3 year old. We will see how it goes... What kind of tricks do you have for behavior issues with toddlers? (I'd love to hear about them **hint hint**)

I've also started using my cricut more and trying out making shirts. I love all the bright colors and designing shirts. 

We are obviously huge Iowa fans. 

Could he be any cuter? 

My mother-in-laws birthday was this month so I made her a shirt with all her grandkids names on it. I love how it turned out!!

(Brooklyn couldn't wait to dig in)

I'm also preparing for going back to work and I'll be pumping at work. This is all new territory for me as I wasn't able to pump with the girls. What all do you suggest packing? Any useful tips for pumping at work?

I also got Barrett's birth announcements in the mail!! Love them!!!

Well that's all for my September. What were some of your highlights in September? I'd love to hear about them. 

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