May 2016 recap

Hello again!! I know I haven't been posting as often as I'd like but I'm at least hoping I can maintain doing a monthly recap. Life has been super busy lately and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

We had a lot of bam bam games this month! I loved every minute of it!! I loved softball when I was younger and I'm so happy to see Bella enjoying it. I'm not too sure how I feel on bam bam ball for 3-4 year olds. I mean I understand it teaches them the very basics of the game like running the bases, batting and throwing to first. It also teaches them about being a team and having a coach. I however sometimes can not handle the games. Good thing they only do 2-3 innings. Their attention spans are not that long yet. It can be funny at times but also frustrating when they are sitting and playing in the dirt.

I love how Bella's pictures turned out!!! The team picture sums up the year of t-ball pretty well hahahaha.


My sister's birthday is May 5th and she turned 21!! So of course we had to go get Mexican and drink margaritas. (Well everyone but me). My little sister is such an amazing person!! It seems odd to me that I'd look up to her so much with her being the youngest. But she has so much drive and passion for life. She is such a hard worker and is accomplishing so much!!


We had the girls birthday party and we did a Little Mermaid theme. Everyone had so much fun and the weather was perfect!!! Our house is too small to have everyone inside so we usually have the garage and some tents up in the drive way. 

As you can see Bella loved the cupcakes. I think the girls each had at least 3 each. 


For Mother's day we took the boat out and went fishing. It was pretty windy but we still had fun!


The weather was so great in May!! We love having dinner on the deck!

 The girls enjoy watching the rain. We are teaching them the rain is pennies from heaven. When your dad and husband own lawn care companies, rain really is pennies from heaven. :)

We had a lot of perfect days to play with the water table.

 We love having fires and roasting marshmallows.

This will be one of our last pictures with just 2 kids. Soon we will be adding our 3rd!!

Here's some more random pictures of us enjoying the nice weather!

 These girls crack me up!!


These two pictures right here show how different the girls are. Bella is my girly girl and Brooklyn is my tomboy.

Hope you had a wonderful May!! What are some of your favorite summer activities for your kids?

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