March 2016 recap

It was a slow start to March. We started it off with a movie night :) As you can see someone didn't make it all the way through the movie. 

I have been LOVING all the super cute planner stickers that I purchased from Etsy.

Some of my favorites came from Moore Avenue. I love all the bright colors and their themes are always super cute!! What are some of your favorite planner stickers?

In March we had a lot of Saturday's that we didn't even get dressed before lunch. I love those kinds of days.

Brooklyn is such a goofball. She lives in her own world and goes to the beat of her own drum.

We have been working hard outside extending our drive way. When your husband owns his own lawn care company and you own a boat, you need a bigger driveway. The girls loved playing in the dirt piles and watching the guys work on the driveway.

Here's some random photos of some of the fun we had this month. :)

 The girls had so much fun going bowling with their Great Aunt Penny, Cousin Aly and all their cousins.

For March we had a lot of days with some great weather!! Thank goodness, the girls both needed some time outside!

Easter was on Bella's birthday this year. She was actually more excited than I thought she would have been. She got to help me get the Easter eggs ready for the Easter egg hunt at my grandparents.

I just love how their Easter baskets turned out!!

 Pretty girls in their pretty dresses!

I think Bella's favorite birthday gift was her new BIKE!!

We took family pictures at that Rex Christmas last year and we got them back on CD. Here's a couple of my favorites. 

March 2016 will always hold a very special place in our families hearts. It's the month we found out my husband and I were going to be out numbered! Not only were we expecting our 3rd child we actually found out we were already 17 weeks along and we were having a BOY!!! First boy grandchild on both sides!! The girls were super excited!!

Well that's it for our very exciting March!! How did March treat your family?

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