Weekend Recap - Super Bowl

Happy end of the weekend!!

I hope everyone had a great one!!

Here's a little recap of our weekend.

My cousin Kallie and Mason came and stayed at our house Friday and Saturday night. The kiddos loved playing together. I'm glad our kids are close in age. We so found out that my cousin is pregnant again and is due in September.

Jason's mom was back in town and the girls stayed the night with her Sunday night. While the girls were at Nana's, Jason and I went over to my parents to watch the super bowl. They were having a few people over. I think that was the first football game I was actually able to watch the whole game. I was also able to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages :)

I didn't capture as many pictures as I wanted to but here's one of the girls playing well together.

I also made some necklaces for my cousin for late Christmas gifts for a few of her friends. Their husbands are on the fire department in their hometown.

Well that's it for our weekend. 

What were some fun things you did over the weekend? Any good super bowl memories?

Thanks for reading!

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