Monthly Goal Setting - February

Well February is here!! That means it's time to set some goals to accomplish this month.

Just like with January, I'm going to break down my goals into categories.

This month my goals are:

1. Personal -- Make time for me. 

  • I'm carrying this one over from last month since I didn't focus enough on it. It might end up being there every month simply as a reminder.

2. Health -- Stretch Marks 

  • I recently signed up as an It Works Loyal Customer under one of my good friends. I am going to try the stretch mark cream. As much as I love the meaning behind my stretch marks, they are still very visible and I don't like them. I'm hoping the stretch mark cream can at least help with it a little.
3. Work -- Development
  • This month I want to work on my work development and expanding my knowledge within my business unit.
4. Home -- Stress Less
  • Another goal carried over from January. 
5. House -- Cleaning Routine
  • Knowing that our family is going to start getting really busy, I want to set up a cleaning routine to help keep this house in order. In turn I think this one will help with stressing less.
6. Financial -- Investment and Savings Planning
  • This month I want to focus on learning more about investments and saving money. I personally have retirement through my work but with my husband being self employed he doesn't have any of those benefits.

Well there you have it, my goals for February!

What are you goals? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Thanks for reading!

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