Feb 2016 Recap

Well February wasn't all that eventful.

The girls dressed up for Valentine's Day and as you can tell, Brooklyn was thrilled. :)

 Bella is really excited to start school in the fall so we've started working on Pre-School prep!

Jason and I actually got a weekend away. We went to the Eelpout Festival in Minnesota. We went with his dad and his wife. It was a lot of fun. Cold, but fun. I had never been to an ice fishing festival before and it was basically like the Iowa State Fair on ice. There were ice houses all over the place and food/vending huts as well. Everyone drove around on their 4 wheelers. The hotel we stayed it was right on the lake and it was really nice.

This is what an eelpout looks like.

The sunsets were amazing.

One of the nights we went to a bar on the ice that was made completely out of ice. It was really neat!

I also had to get some goodies for the girls while we were gone. 

The winter is always bad on the kids and they always seem to get sick at least once. Even though they were sick they still played great together and were in good moods. 
 Bella loves helping daddy clean fish after he goes fishing.

We were lucky enough to have a few days of nice weather and were able to get some much needed fresh air!

Well that was our month!

Here's to a great March!

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