Weekend Memories - MLK Weekend

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend.

Mine was a 4 day weekend because I have bronchitis. I started getting sick early last week and just kept getting worse and worse. I finally went to the doctor Friday and was told I have bronchitis and got a Z-Pack and some cough meds with codeine in it. I hoping I'll start feeling better soon.

This is what my weekend consisted of: meds and cough drops. And LOTS of water!

Thankfully the girls got a long very well this weekend and I was able to get some rest. 

Monday night when I was getting the girls ready for bed, Bella told me she wasn't tired and wanted to stay up. I told her that wasn't an option as she's been a crab every morning that she stays up past bed time. She is not a morning person at ALL. Then 5 minutes later I found her passed out. 

So much for not being tired right? :)

Hope you all had a better weekend than me and are in good health. 

Have a great week!!

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