Recap On January Goals

Hi all, I just wanted to recap on my goals I had for January and how they did or didn't go.

Here's a refresher on what my goals were:
1. Personal - Make Time for Me!
2. Health - Pack Lunches for Work
3. Work - Organize Email and Apply for Staff UW'ing Role
4. Home - Stress Less
5. House - Organize Girls' Toys and Rooms
6. Financial - Spend Less

So how did I do?

Well some I did really well with while others are a work in progress.

I did well with packing my lunches for work, organizing my work email and applying for a staff underwriting roll. So I can cross #2 and #3 off my list.

I did somewhat OK with organizing the girls' toys and rooms and spending less. I cleaned the girls rooms but the organizing the toys part didn't go so well. I needed time off with the girls not here to really go through them with out them getting in the middle of it all :) So #5 and #6 were so-so.

#1 and #4 are the ones I really need to work on and I think they go hand in hand. Making time for my self will in turn help me stress less.

What are some of your tips for making time for your self and stressing less while working full time and being a mom?? I'd love to hear some of your tips.

How are your 2016 goals going?

Thanks for tuning in today!!

Have a wonderful day!

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