Rex Family Christmas - Hawaiian Theme

This past weekend we had my husband's dad's side of the family's Christmas. It was Hawaiian theme this year and we had family pictures done.

The car ride there was kind of a rough one... the girls weren't to happy to be stuck in the car... but it's not that long of a drive so it was over pretty quick.

The tree is always Vikings Themed. We are definitely a Vikings family. :)

My husband brought our oldest nieces' bb guns back to them. He had engraved their names on them.

Our family pictures had a plaid theme, here's some pictures I took before the photographer got there.

I also snagged a picture of my husband's dad and his wife with all the grandkids. I can't wait to get the disc of all the other pictures.

And since it was Hawaiian them, we had to have hula skirts!!

The girls got a T-Rex toy (our last name is Rex) and they love it. It's actually really neat. It does a lot of different things. That is great because they can both play with it without being on top of each other and fighting over it.

Who else has starting having family Christmases already? How many do you have? We have 5 this year.

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