New Cricut and Christmas Party at Daycare

I'm super excited!! My mom got me a Cricut for Christmas last week and I finally got to test it out!!

I made my cousin some planner stickers for Christmas and of course I forgot to take some pictures.... I so busy with getting everything ready for Christmas.

The girls had a Christmas party at daycare. I loved their dresses! I got them super cheap last year on Zulily. Bella really liked her, Brooklyn could have cared less. But either way, they looked cute!
Our day care lady is amazing and the girls adore her!! It's an in home day care but Bella has learned so much from her! It's practically preschool. They do a lot of similar things. We are very blessed to have found an amazing person to watch our kids while we go to work.

I looked all over pinterest and found a lot of "teacher" type gift ideas and I couldn't decide on just one, so I did about 10 of them.

Here are some pictures below:

I then put them all in a basket to keep them all together and make it cute.

Tomorrow we head out to my Grandparents house for the DeHaan Christmas, stay tuned for that!

What kinds of gifts do you give to your kids' daycare providers or school teachers?

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