New BED!!

Well we FINALLY bought a new bed. My husband and I agreed this year that we wouldn't get each other anything for Christmas if we went and go a new bed. And that's just what we did. It worked out perfectly. The mattress place by our house was moving locations and they were having a big moving sale. What's nice about it being a moving sale vs. a closing sale is the warranty is still good on it.

It's much taller than our old one but it's pillow top on both sides and is super comfortable. I'm hoping it will help my husband and I's back. We both have back pain. His is much worse than mine but mine has been getting worse. 

The girls love pizza but we have been ordering it too much lately so we made out own mini pizzas. Bella loved helping out. She's starting to be more of a help than not in the kitchen. :)

The girls have really enjoyed looking at all the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. This one is by far their favorite! I think their energy bill triples for a month when they do their lights. The yard is full of them!!

What are some of your favorite Christmas/Winter things to do?

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