Christmas Tree Decorating and Work Decorating Contest

Christmas is my favorite time of year but this year I'm really not feeling it. The weather has been too warm and not a lot of snow. But we finally got the Christmas tree up. Bella and I put it up while Brooklyn was napping. Bella was a good little helper.

Every year for the girls' advent calendar, I wrap Christmas/Winter books for them to unwrap every night.  They really like it and I like it better than candy and other things.
Brooklyn was excited when she woke up and saw the tree was up.

We also did a decorating contest at work where judges came around and the winner got a pizza party. Our theme was the Polar Express. It turned out a lot better than I had hoped and it was a good team activity to get everyone involved. And we ended up winning the pizza party for our team!!

Here are some pictures:

Happy Christmas season everyone!

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