My New Obsession - My Planner & Planner Stickers

If you haven't been using a paper planner for a while, you may not know about all the amazing and functional stickers for planners out there!!

I had no clue!! I hadn't used a paper for a few years and this year I really felt stressed and unorganized and I've always been one to be organized and always know what's going on. It's part of who I am and keeps me calm. I don't like unexpected changes.

So I started looking at paper planners and seeing what kinds where out there. The pros and cons of them as well as how well it would work for me personally. There are a lot of different options out there! Some you can add extra months or even customize the rows.

I decided to go with a planner from Plum Paper Designs.

Here's the one I purchased and I love it (I also added extra months so it's thicker than the standard 12 months)

While researching planner, I stummbled across a lot of amazing layouts of how people used their planners. A lot of people use stickers and washi tape to make their planners functional and pretty!

Etsy has so many shops that sell planner stickers. They have functional stickers and well as box stickers than fit vertical and horizontal layouts.

A few of my favorite shops for stickers on Etsy are:
Here are some pictures from some of the shops above. All the stickers I've gotten are great! I haven't gotten any I don't like yet!

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